Reception in honor of the members of SETAS artistic dance group

17.03.2023 13:41

      The Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Bratislava held a reception in honor of the members of the SETAS artistic dance group, from the Renata Private School of Arts in Senec, who participated in the International Youth Theater in Sharm El-Sheikh with their artistic dance show entitled "Aladdin".


      The reception was attended by Mr. Faris Monji, Director of the Gaia International Foundation for Arts and Sports, the Principal of Renata School, Mgr. Renáta Madarászová, choreographer and teacher Mgr. Katarína Húsková, choreographer and teacher Mgr.Art. Jana Podhorná, in addition to 31 children of the band members, aged 5 - 18 years including those with special needs.


      The Embassy takes this opportunity to extend its best wishes and expresses its appreciation to all the coordinating parties in this initiative and to the participants in SETAS and "Aladdin".


                                                                                                                           Best wishes for further success